Mark R. Maher, DDS
Walnut Creek, CA

COVID precautions:

We've been running since mid-May, but I recently realized that we hadn't updated the website with a summary of the precautions we have taken at the office.  While there is never a complete elimination of risk, we are following all governmental guidelines for safe operation and have adopted several additional measures as well. 

One of the most important precautions is to avoid any persons with active COVID entering our facility until after they have recovered and are not infectious.  To that end we call and screen EVERY patient a few days before their appointment regarding COVID symptoms or risks.  We also take temperatures, oxygen saturation, and ask screening questions again the day of the appointment for all patients.   We screen each employee in the office daily.  We have closed our reception area and have placed socially distanced seating outside.  Patient's wear are required to wear masks while moving through the office and interact with administrative staff through barriers.  Clinical staff wear N95 masks throughout the whole day even when not seeing patients.  We have installed doors and vinyl curtains in each individual treatment area to sequester the movement of air between treatment rooms and have installed high capacity HEPA air filtration units that clean the air in each treatment area 12x per hour.   We have also modified our treatment technique when possible to avoid generating aerosols.   To date we have had no COVID infections of our own staff or exposures of which we are aware.  This requires tremendous effort, especially from our front staff and we appreciate their effort and your patience in helping us maintain everyone's safety when you visit our office. 

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