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What advantages do bridges have over partial dentures?

Missing teeth can be fixed with a number of methods. Two of the most common are dental bridges and partial dentures. While both dentures and bridges are tried-and-true solutions to missing teeth, bridges do have some distinct advantages.

Get A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

The biggest advantage that bridges over dentures is the fact that they are designed to become a permanent part of your mouth whereas dentures are intended to be removable. This opens denture wearers up to the possibility of loose dentures slipping at the wrong moment and getting in the way when speaking or eating. People who wear dentures must also purchase extra products to care for their dentures, and if you should accidentally drop your dentures, they could become seriously damaged. Caring for dental bridges, however, is as simple as sticking to your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Our office uses the CEREC system to make your bridges right here in our office, which means that you can go home with your bridges the very same day. For more information about this service, please call our Walnut Creek dental office today.

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