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Walnut Creek, CA

What is gum disease?

An Inflammation of the Gums

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is an inflammation or infection of the gums. It can range in severity from mild gingivitis with symptoms that include redness and tender gums up to advanced periodontitis, in which the gum tissue may recede and the bone beneath the gums may be damaged.


Many factors can contribute to a patient developing gum disease. While oral hygiene, including good brushing and flossing technique, is an important factor, some cases can also be attributed to genetics, habits such as smoking, and certain health conditions and medications. The best way to prevent periodontal disease is to keep up with our recommended brushing and flossing routine and see us for regular checkups and professional cleanings twice yearly.

Treatment is Available For You

If you currently have periodontal disease, a number of treatments are available including antimicrobial mouthwashes and oral antibiotics, deep cleaning (also known as Scaling and Root Planing), and even teeth straightening. Dr. Maher will discuss your condition with you and recommend a course of treatment that is appropriate for the severity and progression of your gum disease.

To find out more about preventing and treating gum disease, please call our office for an appointment.

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