Mark R. Maher, DDS
Walnut Creek, CA

What is the Healthy Mouth Baseline?

The Healthy Mouth Baseline is a tool used by Dr. Maher as a standard for setting goals. The health of your mouth affects the health of the rest of your body. We promote good oral healthcare as a crucial part of your overall health and well-being, and the Healthy Mouth Baseline helps us determine where we should focus.

The Health Mouth Baseline

  • The ability to eat and drink comfortably at all times regardless of temperature of food
  • Strong, solid teeth, free from decay
  • Pink gums
  • Measurement of gum pocket depths are either nonexistent or less than 3 mm
  • Margins between the gum tissue and teeth are within normal limits without exposing too much tooth or root
  • The ability to brush and floss without swollen or bleeding gums
  • Freedom from signs of oral cancer
  • Normal saliva production
  • Crowns and fillings are in great shape and free from signs of wear, cracks, or leaks
  • Minimal spaces between the teeth and gums that would allow food to get stuck
  • Well-spaced teeth that are easy to floss
  • Good teeth alignment to allow good brushing and flossing and minimize abnormal or excessive wear on teeth
  • A full set of healthy teeth and the ability to chew comfortably
  • Reasonable and normal wear on teeth without signs of chipping, cracking, fractures, or looseness
  • The ability to smile confidently
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