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Your mouth is a mirror of your overall health. Studies have shown strong links between gum disease and other oral problems and serious health conditions including diabetes, atherosclerosis, strokes, adverse pregnancy outcomes including low birth weights, and respiratory disease.

The Bacteria Connection

The primary culprit linking oral disease and systemic disease appears to be bacteria. If bacteria are allowed to build up in your mouth through periodontal disease, an opening is provided for them to travel into your bloodstream and wreak havoc elsewhere in your body.

Why Spacing Matters

woman flossing | Preventive Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA | Dental Care in Walnut CreekBrushing and flossing routinely is a great first step, but you may not be doing everything you could be to prevent periodontal disease and other oral diseases. If you are one of the 74 percent of American adults with teeth that are not properly aligned or if you have crooked or twisted teeth, then you are at an increased risk for decay and disease.

When your teeth are too close together, overlap, or are twisted, it’s difficult to brush and floss them properly. When your teeth are spaced too far apart, food can become trapped between your teeth and provide a place for bacteria to thrive. 

Prevention is Key

At our Walnut Creek dental office, we believe in the power of prevention. Regular brushing and flossing are a great start, but we can help you do more. One of the tools we use to determine your overall oral health is the Healthy Mouth Baseline. The Healthy Mouth Baseline works as a checklist, detailing what it means to have a healthy mouth.

If you meet the conditions set by the Healthy Mouth Baseline, fantastic! We will focus on preventive care and make sure that your mouth and teeth stay in excellent condition. If you are missing one or more of the qualities listed on the Healthy Mouth Baseline, we know what we need to work on, and we will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to accomplish your goals.

The Healthy Mouth Baseline

These are the criteria we are helping you to strive for as a patient of our office:

  • You can eat and drink comfortably at all times regardless of the temperature of the food and are completely free from pain and sensitivity.
  • Your teeth are strong and solid without any signs of decay.
  • Your gums are pink and healthy.
  • When we measure the depth of your gum pockets, they are either nonexistent or less than 3 mm.
  • The margins between your gum tissue and your teeth are within normal limits without exposing too much tooth or root.
  • You can brush and floss comfortably without swollen or bleeding gums.
  • Your mouth is completely free from signs of with daughter on back | Preventive Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA | Dr Mark Maher DDS
  • You have normal saliva production.
  • Any crowns or fillings you have are in great shape without signs of wear, cracking, or leaks.
  • You have minimal spaces between the teeth and gums where food can get stuck.
  • Your teeth are well-spaced and easy to floss.
  • You have good teeth alignment that allows proper brushing and flossing and minimizes abnormal or excessive wear on your teeth.
  • You have a full set of healthy teeth and can chew comfortably.
  • Your teeth only show reasonable and normal wear and are free from signs of chipping, cracking, fractures, or looseness.
  • You are able to smile confidently.

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