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It’s no secret that day-to-day life takes its toll on our teeth. Despite our best efforts, the bright white of our healthy teeth may eventually fade to a yellow or even a gray shade. Age, foods and drinks that stain, and even certain medications can alter the color of our teeth. While good brushing and flossing habits can help to slow down the problem, professional teeth whitening can make the clock seem to run in reverse and give you back your shining, pearly whites.

couple with white smiles | Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creek CA | Dr Mark MaherWhether you are seeking teeth whitening to prepare for a special event like a wedding or simply want to improve your appearance, call our Walnut Creek dental office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maher to discuss your teeth whitening options. Our office offers a number of different teeth whitening systems, including Boost and Kör, and Dr. Maher will recommend the system that is just right for you based on your unique needs, taking into account factors such as time requirements and sensitivity.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter Kits

Many of our patients wonder why they should have their teeth whitened professionally when so many kits and toothpastes that promise whiter smiles currently darken the shelves of their local drugstores.

Professional teeth-whitening kits are superior to over-the-counter kits for a number of reasons. The concentration of the whitening ingredient in professional kits is much higher than in the over-the-counter kits, which means you get far more impressive results in a much shorter time. Despite the increase in the amount of whitening agent, you are actually less likely to experience teeth sensitivity with the professional kits than the over-the-counter kits. Many professional kits contain an additional ingredient to reduce sensitivity, making it easier to tolerate wearing the product for the prescribed amount of time needed for the best effect.

One of the biggest reasons professional teeth-whitening options are better than their over-the-counter cousins is that OTC kits are mass-produced and intended to be a “one size fits all” solution. Think of the smiles of each of your loved ones. Chances are, you would be able to identify the important people in your life based on their smiles alone. Every person’s teeth whitening kit | Walnut Creek Dental Care | Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creeksmile is as unique and wonderful as they are. How could a “one size fits all” kit possibly be effective for all the different smiles out there? Professional kits allow us to customize your whitening treatment specifically for you. This means we discuss your goals with you to help you decide how much whitening you’d like to see and then prescribe a treatment based on your goals. Additionally, the trays in professional kits are designed from a model of your teeth to ensure that the whitening agent only touches your teeth and doesn’t sit on your gums or lips where it can be painful and even damaging.

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